Wednesday, October 27, 2010

London FF Strike Update

“It was a complete farce. All we could do was stand outside, panicking
because the fire was getting worse.”

THOSE WERE THE WORDS OF A LADY whose house burned down Saturday while a crew of replacement firefighters attempted to put out the fire during the first of two planned work stoppages by the FBU following the government’s decision to literally fire all 5,557 firefighters and break their contract effective November 11. Following a vote by the members, they approved the two job actions comprising a walkout for eight hours from 10 am to 6 pm on October 23 and November 1.

The first walkout took place Saturday and the Fire Brigade’s promise to maintain adequate coverage for the city failed to function. As we previously reported, the city took 27 engines and hid them away for this contingency and then pressed them into service Saturday using contract firefighters who had been given a mere 2 weeks training. The results were exemplified by Evridiki Spanos whose was quoted above. The Evening Standard reports:

Spanos made six 999 calls as smoke poured from their roof but had to wait about 20 minutes for privately-hired firefighters to arrive. A crew should normally arrive within six minutes. Mrs Spanos said the stand-ins — hired by the London fire brigade to provide cover during an eight-hour strike on Saturday — took a further 20 minutes to connect hoses to a street hydrant.When they did begin to tackle the electrical fire at their terrace home in Enfield, she claimed, they were unable to direct the water jets on target. “One stood at the front of the house and another at the back, but the two water arcs missed the fire completely,” said the department store worker, 49. “They were going over the top of each other, over the roof, not hitting the spot. It was a complete farce.

The fire was finally put out three hours later after the regular shift of firefighters came on duty at 6 pm when the walkout ended. The top floor and the roof were burned out.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

NSW FBEU Centenary march preparation 21st Oct 2010

FBEU Centenary a huge success!

1000 Nsw firefighters marched in the largest FBEU event in the history
of our Union. Ceremony and celebration a huge success. Thankyou to all
who attended, as well as those who worked on the day, protecting NSW,
so that we could celebrate....

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Monday, October 18, 2010

This Thursday: FBEU Centenary March - A day to celebrate what we are, our collective strength, and a day to renew our bonds and get ready for the struggles to come,

In October 1910, during the first year of the NSW Fire Brigades’ existence, firefighters got together and formed this Union, the Fire Brigade Employees Union of New South Wales. A century later, the FBEU continues to weld together professional firefighters, making sure that we are heard by the Department and treated fairly. October 2010 marks the Centenary Year of the Union, the hundredth anniversary of our birth and of the start of the struggles that have made this job what it is today.

It’s a day to remember the struggles that have brought us a fair working week, the 10/14 Roster, decent wages and PPE. A day to think about what we’ve brought to the community, and the obstacles that we’ve overcome to do it

This Thursday: FBEU Centenary March - A day to celebrate what we are, our collective strength, and a day to renew our bonds and get ready for the struggles to come.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Biggest firefighting event in NSW history - @FBEU Centenary


The FBEU Centenary march and celebration is only 2 weeks away.

Could all members please print this form out, and circulate at your station  - ASAP.

As we head back into wage negotiations on your behalf, we should celebrate our history and future.

Thousands of FF's, all in turn out gear, stopping the City of Sydney, come and be part of it.

Join us for the biggest Firefighting event in NSW history.

Buses and transport is being arranged from Regional areas.

Please support your Union this time. Let the Union office know if you can attend. Form attached also.

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1-7 Belmore St | Surry Hills | NSW 2010
p. 02 9218 3444 | f. 02 9218 3488 | m. 0422436044

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