Sunday, March 18, 2012

Abbott + Opposition's pre-Budget deficit | #ALP #Auspol

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Opposition's pre-Budget deficit
Penny Wong posted Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Opposition would deliver at least a $9 billion deficit in 2012-13, based on their commitments to date.

Despite Mr Hockey’s assurances that the Opposition’s costings have been finalised, they refuse to release them – and this is why.

We’ve done their numbers because it’s important Australians know just what Tony Abbott would do to the budget.

The Government is determined to deliver a surplus and we've set out our plan for how we will deliver it in 2012-13.

Meanwhile, the Opposition continues to confuse Australians by changing their position on whether they’d deliver a budget surplus, and they still refuse to explain their $70 billion budget black hole.

It’s time for Tony Abbott to stop the slogans and the stunts and for the Opposition to be up front with Australians.

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