Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ark Tribe awarded life membership | #CFMEU #AusUnions


Ark Tribe awarded life membership

Ark Tribe was awarded honorary lifetime membership of the CFMEU in Brisbane on March 6.

The award recognised Ark's principled stand against the Australian Building and Construction Commission in 2010. Under threat of 6 months jail, Ark refused to inform on a union organiser who intervened to stop unsafe work on an Adelaide building site.

Ark's defiance but him in breach of the ABCC's extreme coercive powers, which were designed to force building workers to give up union officials and workmates for taking part in union activity. The case collapsed spectacularly when it was found former ABCC chief John Lloyd had failed to delegate his powers correctly to his staff, although not before Ark had been hounded through the courts for two years with jail time hanging over his head.

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