Thursday, March 22, 2012

#CIA responds to Clive Palmer - Chief Executive Idiot


Clive Palmer, Queensland billionaire mining magnate, Australia's 5th richest person and owner and director of Mineralogy Pty Ltd, is involved in a number of huge new mining projects. One of Clive Palmer's companies, Waratah Coal, is proposing the 'China First' mine project in Queensland, the largest coal mine in Australia. Palmer is also involved in the development of 'Abbot Point' - a coal export facility that will be the largest in the world. The facility will be positioned right in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, endangering our precious natural wonder.

Just yesterday Clive Palmer claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America is funding an Australian environment movement campaign, (including individuals such as anti-coal seam gas mining campaigner Drew Hutton), to shutdown the coal industry – going so far as to suggest that the US President is aware of this.

For more background on Clive Palmer's comments yesterday, read: this article and what prompted his comments. Today he stood by his claim of links to the CIA.
The Abbot Point coal export facility is proposed within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and poses a major threat to one of Australia’s genuine national treasures (read more about the impacts of this development below).

The China First project would not only be Australia's largest coal mine (for more info on the project, download this presentation from Waratah Coal), but it will destroy the Bimblebox Nature Refuge (to find out more about Bimblebox and the campaign to save it click here).

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