Friday, March 30, 2012

A letter to the NSW Premier @barryofarrell | #AusUnions #FBEU #NSWpol

Attached is a letter from the NSW Premier to the public sector.

After seeing so many public sector workers so enraged by the letter after what has occurred over the last 12 months, I have penned a response to his letter.


Dear Mr O'Farrell,

A message to the NSW Premier


A year ago you were elected to government by the people of NSW.

I want to personally thank you for your efforts in attacking my wages and conditions, for single handedly causing chaos for NSW on at least two occasions during your first year when you forced public sector workers onto the streets in their thousands, and for taking away the rights of my Union to seek an independent legal opinion when disputes arise with you as our employer over wages.

In the past year we have seen our rights undermined, and we have watched you dress them up as ‘significant reforms’. We have been disappointed by your attacks on dedicated and professional public servants and public sector workers, who despite these attacks, continue to defend and protect our/your communities.

You and your Ministers know that we collectively are unhappy with your reforms, and should know that a token thank you letter to us as you take away our working and legal rights, is nothing more than hypocrisy.

NSW never stopped being “Number One”, and to pretend that what you are doing is justified is delusional.

Nonetheless we know that the public sector will continue to focus on providing excellent service to the community, as we did long before you came along, and as we will do long after you are gone.


The only way you can look forward to a successful year ahead, is to back off and leave your hard working public sector workers alone. Let us get on with our our jobs, and stop patting us on the head with one hand, while sticking the knife in our backs with the other.

Your letter was not well received in public sector workplaces - firefighters, teachers, police, nurses, transport workers, and many other protectors of NSW reject your thank you letter, and call on you to restore our rights and stop denigrating the conditions we have.

Kind regards,


Darin Sullivan

NSW Firefighter

PremierMessagetoPublicSector-26-March-12.pdf Download this file


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