Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nuclear Power Isn't A Green Bullet


Nuclear Power Isn't A Green Bullet
By Jim Green

To argue that nuclear power is the only alternative to climate change, as climate scientist Barry Brook does, is to ignore the facts. Jim Green looks closely at Professor Brook's claims

One of the loudest nuclear advocates in the land is Professor Barry Brook, a climate change scientist at the University of Adelaide who runs the Brave New Climate (BNC) website.

Brook has hundreds of peer-reviewed publications to his name and has expertise across a (growing) range of scientific disciplines and sub-disciplines. His interest in energy debates stems from his interest in and concern about climate change. He isn’t in any way connected to — or in the pay of — the nuclear industry.

When a scientist with the best of intentions and a prodigious intellect argues that the risks of nuclear power have been overstated and that nuclear power is an essential tool in the battle against climate change, his arguments need careful consideration.

See more: http://newmatilda.com/2012/03/12/nuclear-power-isnt-green-bullet

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