Monday, April 2, 2012

Admirable but it's not the point: NSW Fat cats held to 2.5% || #NSWpol


ENERGY and water bosses will have their pay rises and bonuses slashed - with the savings passed on to household bills.

Treasurer Mike Baird will impose the 2.5 per cent a year public service wage cap on all 20,000 employees of state-owned corporations, eliminating the pay rises of up to 19 per cent that some utilities chiefs have given themselves.


- I say:

Going after the fat cats well after middle class working public sector workers were screwed is too little too late.

It doesn't change the fact that workers in NSW can not show wage value, and the restrictions on public sector wages are unfair.

The restriction on fat cats is admirable, but the same rules should apply to them as us. Show your value, have it arbitrated by an independent body, and earn productivity. Public sector workers in NSW have no ability to do any of that.

Shame Barry Shame.

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