Thursday, April 5, 2012

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What is happening at our Universities?

Yesterday 1500 staff and students demonstrated against proposed staff cuts of up to 340 staff at Sydney University. 150 then moved on to occupy the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of the Arts.

The day before at the Australian National University over 200 union members voted to demand that the Vice-Chancellor withdraw threatened job cuts of up to 150 staff. It also decided to meet again on 26 April and demonstrate afterwards with students against the cuts. We have also set up an open campaign committee to defend jobs.

The ANU VC has talked of a funding crisis but this is rubbish.

The University is in surplus by $14 million. It is not enough, claims the Vice Chancellor and because there has been a drop of $30 million in investment income and an extra $10 million in depreciation because, shock horror, the University built new buildings, the VC has proposed saving $25 million by axing 150 jobs. This is the logic of David Cameron.

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