Sunday, July 29, 2012

NSW firefighters media alert: Temporary closures – coming to a fire station near you | #Ausmedia #AusUnions #NSWpol

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Sunday, July 29 2012 



Temporary closures – coming to a fire station near you


Communities across the State will have no idea if their local fire station is staffed at any given time once the State Government pushes ahead with budget-induced temporary fire station closures.


The Fire Brigade Employees Union has vowed to fight the closures and will ensure that the community is made aware every time lives and property are at risk due to closures.


The policy has been forced on Fire and Rescue NSW by the Government’s $70 million budget cut.


“This Government is so determined to push ahead with these budget cuts it’s prepared to risk lives and property at any time, in any place,” FBEU Secretary, Jim Casey said.


“Make no mistake, everyone is exposed and anyone could be at risk.


“In many cases, firefighter response times will be slower. In some cases, buildings will be too far gone for firefighters to safely enter.


“Is this the type of fire service the people of NSW want?


“The sad reality for our members is that they will be the ones who deal with grief and trauma on the frontlines as lives and property are threatened, not politicians in Macquarie Street.


“The Government needs to abandon this ill conceived and dangerous policy immediately.”


Further comment: Jim Casey 0419 267 555 or State President Darin Sullivan on 0422 436 044

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