Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Coles workers’ strike and the state of our society #Ausunions


Under Labor’s industrial laws strikes are illegal except when bargaining a new enterprise agreement. These lines from a song come to mind. ’When they jail a man for striking, it’s a rich man’ s country still.’ That is Labor’s legacy.

The mood on the picket line is strong and united. When workers at another distribution centre refused to handle scab supplies they were ordered back to work under Labor’s rotten industrial laws for their ‘illegal’ action.

On Tuesday it is no surprise the Supreme Court ordered some union officials and others not to participate in the strike. The number of times the courts have ruled in favour of striking workers you can count on your fingers.

No surprise there. The courts are enforcing the laws of the 1% against the 99%. They are part of the 1% or perhaps more correctly part of the institutions of rule of the 1%.

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