Thursday, August 23, 2012

FBEU Update on #FRNSW fire stations closures,and O'Farrell budget cuts | #FBEU #AusUnions #NSWpol

FBEU Update on TOLing and budget cuts for delegates and members:

The State Secretary, Jim Casey, has just informed me that discussions are to continue, with an agreement reached to once again defer TOLing based on the suggested measures, and consideration given to whether we can agree or not moving into next week. That is, TOLing is not to commence for at least another week.

Our goal is this:

- Seek in principle agreement based on the measures as put publicly
- Put this issue back through SCoM next Thursday, including preparation for the SGM's.
- Run SGM's some days after SCoM, and seek direction from the membership on whether to proceed on that basis or not.

SITREP will have more details tomorrow night. Please understand this is a movable feast, and I'm explaining how things look right now. As that changes, we are updating everyone across many platforms.

Interesting point: The Govt were demanding budget savings on July 1. The Dept intended to start TOLing on July 1. That's two months now that the Union has secured the safety of firefighters and the community in NSW, and so far defended our jobs. The Union will maintain a reasonable but solid position on this regardless of the outcomes.

Stay united,

Darin Sullivan

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