Friday, August 24, 2012

NSW Premier thinks Public servants get an easy ride | #NSWpol #AusUnions


PUBLIC servants used to an easy ride will have to deal with a harder regime under the state Liberal government.

This was the message from Premier Barry O'Farrell at today's State of the Region address at Rosehill Gardens.

Mr O'Farrell took a question from the floor about front-line staff in government departments not being replaced as backroom staff numbers have been cut.

He said it was a ''disturbing suggestion'' that front-line positions were not being filled.

''Our approach is to change the shape - slim down the back and grow the front line,'' he said.

''One thing I can't say is that public servants won't have to work harder.

''As you know, you're doing longer hours to maintain the margins you enjoyed in previous times.

''There are lots of public servants who will work their guts out (to do the same).''

Mr O'Farrell spoke before hundreds of businesspeople, politicians and media representatives, where he praised the people of western Sydney, saying they had ''the innovation, skills and education that will allow us to compete globally''.


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