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27 August 2012

The PSA Executive today authorised a stop work meeting of members to brief members on the attacks on wages, jobs and conditions by the O’Farrell Government, on what the PSA is doing and what more we plan to do.

Since coming to office the Government has:

  • imposed a cap on pay rises, including passing legislation limiting the role of the industrial umpire, NSW Industrial Relations Commission. This latter part has been challenged in the High Court by the PSA. The hearing is on September 5.

  • Ordered agencies to cut jobs - 5,000 were ordered in their first budget, and 10,000 jobs in the latest budget (based on a 1.2% cut in labour costs). Cuts across the service are being announced on a regular drip-feed of information.

  • Lodged a claim in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to cut conditions and allowances, some of which will affect all members and others will unfairly impact on groups of members. (see PSA website at

  • And today they have told the PSA and the Commission that they will be lodging awards to strip another hundred public sector conditions awards. This will include awards covering other unions as well as the other PSA conditions awards.
We have resisted each attack as it arose and we now want to step up our efforts.

The authorised stop work on October 8 will be from 9.00 am to 1.00pm, and for longer where travel time necessitates.

The main meeting will be at Sydney Town Hall, in the lower town hall, and the address from officials will be webcast to 30-40 other meeting venues around the state.

Members who attend these meetings will be able to vote on a resolution concerning future actions designed to protect jobs, conditions and wage-setting practices.

The PSA Executive has authorised all members covered by State Awards and Agreements to stop work on October 8 and attend a stop work meeting. (Members covered by the federal industrial system are invited but are not being directed to stop work.)

John Cahill
General Secretary

Sue Walsh

Contact Details
John Cahill, General Secretary
Ph:  02 9220 0900

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