Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Safer Australian Roads and Highways Media Release - challenge to other States and Territories

SARAH Media Release - SARAH achieves major road safety changes - Embargo 18 September 2012.pdf Download this file

MEDIA RELEASE - Safer Australian Roads and Highways - Embargo 18 September 2012

  • Safer Australian Roads and Highways Achieves Historic Road Safety Changes for NSW!

  • NSW Government still has not properly addressed "slow down move over" legislative proposal but SARAH will continue to work with Government to get better outcomes for roadside assistance, first call and emergency services personnel who assist drivers in breakdown and crash situations.

  • Challenge to be thrown down to Premiers and Chief Ministers to make their own breakdown strategy documents public. 
            And if their emergency lane strategies are not up to the NSW standard, they must explain to their constituents i) why and ii) what they are doing about it!

Please find attached a letter from SARAH to the Victorian Premier. (SARAH will be using a similar format to all Premiers and Chief Ministers and the correspondence will appear on the SarahGroup website  at www.sarahgroup.org).

Peter Frazer

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