Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sky News: NSW firefighters @FBEU to head to IRC Re:#FRNSW budget cuts

NSW firefighters to head to IRC

Updated: 08:55, Thursday August 2, 2012

NSW firefighters to head to IRC

The Fire Brigade Employees Union (FBEU) is due to meet with Emergency Services Minister Michael Gallacher later today in a last ditch effort to avoid a dispute over overtime blowouts heading back to the industrial umpire.

The Fire Brigade Employees Union took the state government to the Industrial Relations Commission on Monday, arguing that plans to cut $64 million from firefighters' entitlements over four years would compromise safety.

The union and Mr Gallacher are scheduled to meet on Thursday at 1pm (AEST), an hour before the case resumes before the IRC.

Fire and Rescue NSW had said it was confident the disagreement would be resolved before the Thursday IRC hearing.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Jim Hamilton says he's committed to working with the union to reduce overtime costs and identify other efficiencies before the hearing.

But Union president Darin Sullivan says the union is prepared to fight the cuts with industrial action.

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